How AI Has Changed the Game For Me As a Social Media Marketer

December 15, 2022

Stories from our Ryting Tribe: Meet Simran. Simran works as a Social Media Marketer and has been a fully-fledged Ryting member for over 1 year now. See how Simran’s role has changed dramatically since discovering their very own AI Ryting Assistant.


Challenging Times


I am a full-time Social Media Marketer & a part-time procrastinator with a team of 8 highly enthusiastic (and occasionally burnt-out) people working for a small marketing agency.

Working in Social Media means being a full-time Copywriter, Content Manager, Community Manager, Designer, Project Manager, Campaign Manager, Branding Expert, and Business Analyst, as well as being aware of every emerging trend on all corners of the planet. There are probably more job titles I’ve missed off the list but I’m too busy spinning so many plates right now I’m struggling to think.

Of all this, for me and my team, one of the things we struggle carving out time for most is content creation. We book meetings, block out creative time in our diaries, and try all other hacks to give creative work our full focus. But when inboxes are slammed with multiple projects, and there 100’s if not 1000’s of messages coming through in our online chats and social communities – it can certainly get a little tricky.

On the flip side of this, sometimes even when we do have the time we find ourselves hit by writer’s block; staring at a blank page for what can feel like hours (even days).

It was when I shared all this with a friend that they casually mentioned Rytr to me.

What’s so great about AI Writing Assistants?


The amount of time they save! Honestly, I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to work before.

AI writing assistants can help automate loads of different processes and generate copy in seconds. From emails to social media captions and tonnes more. My initial reaction when hearing about them was, “is this thing gonna take my job?!”, before I realised actually no, it’s just making me better and far more efficient at my job!

As a team, we had a short period of trial and error as we got used to testing different inputs and use cases (with some entertaining outputs along the way), but in a pretty short amount of time, the whole team were up and running.

When creative juices are running low, using Rytr is like jump-starting your whole creative process. To be completely honest, most of the time it’s doing 90% of the heavy lifting for you – all we need to do is make a few small edits and the work is ready. Sometimes it does feel slightly like cheating…

What do you and your team typically use Rytr for in your roles each day?


Between us, we’ve probably tried most use cases out there for various purposes, but everyone in the team definitely has their own personal favorites.

For me – I barely go a day without using the social captions use case. When you’re filling out content calendars for multiple clients, it’s amazing how many social posts you actually need to write. For certain clients, content ideas for social posts don’t come as easily as they do for others. In those times especially I turn straight to the social post and caption ideas use cases. It generates ideas in seconds and you can select from about 20 different tones of voice to find one that best suits the brand and post style.

Other members of our team use the blog outline use case and the video ideas use case religiously.

What’s been the highlight for you when using Rytr so far?


Using it to help plan our Christmas campaigns! Normally when Christmas hits we are all already a bit burnout after Black Friday and ready to wind down for the year. With Rytr, we were able to fill out our content calendars in no time at all – writing social posts, blogs, and creating videos in a fraction of the time previous campaigns have taken.

This year, we’ve actually had time to celebrate, look back on our achievements, and take clients out to thank them for a year of success together. This time to bond is crucial to future business and without our AI assistance, we really would struggle to have found the time!

Parting Points


So while AI writers are definitely NOT a replacement for human writers, they definitely can do wonders for them. We see a lot of philosophical debates going on about AI and people shying away from using emerging technologies – but there’s a huge difference between getting ‘assistance’ and ‘relying’ on something.

Cheers to Rytr and the team for making our holiday preparations easier to so much easier.