On Sharing My Thoughts Using The ‘Ryte’ Words — #RytingNinjaSpeaks

June 14, 2022

A One-Sided Love Affair


What do you do when you ‘LOVE’ to sing but you’re cursed with a voice that’s equivalent to the giggle of a walrus? Well, you sing privately, very privately. However, being all private & secretive can’t work when you have loads of knowledge to impart but not much creativity or writing skills.

Here’s a piece of what our Ryting Ninja Femikay has to say about creative long-form writing.

“For me, writing can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to long-form content (2000+ words) and we all know that Google is a huge fan of lengthy writeups. Being a medical student with a tight schedule, it would often take me weeks to complete a single project.

That being said, my passion to impart knowledge would keep me going (& sometimes struggling) for weeks over every piece. The world out there can be a little brutal, so I would receive some harsh remarks here n there- especially about my tone (I like to make everything sound funny)”.

The End Or A New Beginning?


Being on the verge of giving up on writing for good, our friend Femi was suggested Rytr ✍️by a fellow freelancer. Confused as to what we might have in store for him, he took a leap and began playing around with different use cases. Our list of 20+ tones seemed like a blessing for him and he understood what needs to be done.

However, the hitch to relying on an AI writer kept disturbing his thoughts and he decided to generate just an outline and give it to another blogger. “Oh wait, but can I actually afford one at the moment? What if the blog gets rejected at the end?” Surrounded by these concerns, Femi went back to our magical AI and in no time, chalked down a piece with 2000+ words!

Happy Beginnings


“The content seemed too good to be unique & I had my reservations. I ran a few quick plagiarism checks only to be stunned by the uniqueness of (now) my content. The topic was “Role of Accelerators in Business Startups” & it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this is a widely covered topic. “

“Within a day, I received a confirmation on my article and it was published. Not only this but the website was keen on publishing more of my content.” Exclaimed our super motivated Ninja.

Femikay is now one of our proud supporters who has been introducing his entire university to our tool for quick assignments, part-time gigs, and much more 😉

You can check out his blog at thewealthysociety.com