#RytingNinjaSpeaks: Getting Brighter with Rytr

August 18, 2022

Welcome To My World Of Automotives


Being an automotive entrepreneur is pretty much like having any other business – tiring but satisfying. You’re expected to be an all-rounder juggling with productivity, sleep & revenue.

Running our business content is like solving a Rubik’s Cube, it takes time and repetition to align all the colours of your content into meaningful and useful stories. Rushing the process aimlessly would leave you nothing, but an unpleasant puzzle to solve later.

One of the aspects my team often used to struggle with was content creation. I mean, sure – we are great with what we do but how do we project us the ‘Ryte’ way? Lucky that we bumped into the best possible solution.

Rytr has saved us time and many, many coffees (and white hair). As a result, we were able to crack into the top 15 automotive blogs in Australia, which is a big achievement for our team and we look forward to climbing that ladder in the future.

Making our First Impression, Count


Good first impressions are always great for business. After all, writing is an art that speaks from the heart and whether you have customers or clients, we can all agree that a genuine business goes a long way. In a highly customer-centric business, we deal with customers daily, and whilst we can put a voice or conversational dialogue with each of our visitors during our business hours, how do we reciprocate this outside of business hours?

Well, this is where our blog content comes into play. Many of our customers found great value in our blogs which were also promoted through our social channels. Essentially, blogs are 24/7 staff members all businesses need to build their rapport. However, blog writing can be quite time-consuming if one has to post regularly.

Our Newfound Addiction – Rytr


What started as just meta description rephraser or adding extra content to existing blog articles, has now developed into a full-blown blog generator with well-researched content – perfect for our website.

This has enabled us to build a tight-knit community of car care enthusiasts who appreciate the knowledge, topics and more importantly, the golden nuggets we share.

Level Up – Brighter with Rytr


Thanks to Rytr, we have managed to buy back time without any compromises on our content quality and distribution, in fact, it has improved. Creating content without our friendly AI buddy often delayed our work but with Rytr we were able to karate-chop them in half, allowing us to double our output production of blogs.

We have managed to push out multiple blog articles per week, which were at one point getting published only once a month. We were able to draw inspiration from additional topics using the Blog Outline feature, which is an excellent brainstorming tool. It finds other related questions that may be associated with your topic. The entire quick yet fun exercise resulted in more traffic and reduced bounce rates.

Although we absolutely love it when our customers leave us 5-star reviews, it can be quite a tedious task to respond back to each one of them. After all, you do not want to leave a generic thank you message to all of them. In fact, genuine replies go a long way in connecting with your supporters. With the help of the ‘reply to reviews’ functions, we found many different, yet creative ways, of saying thank you. This adds a more genuine and personal touch to each review, similar to the effect of receiving a handwritten letter. It is all the small things that count in the end and Rytr has had no shortage of delivering these wins daily.

You can find more about us here at Schmicko