Stories of Solace- Batgirl Saves The Day

December 9, 2021

Batgirl Saves The Day


Bruce has been called out to the scene of a crime, after being told that the perpetrator was really strong. He comes across a man- Hulk dressed in blue shirt, jean shorts, black boots, and carrying a lunch box. Bruce steps in front of him saying “you’re under arrest” but the man just smiles and picks Bruce up with one hand, throwing him over his shoulder. Bruce was really confused so he did the only thing he knew how to do- use his phone to call Dick who can come over and help.

But Dick was captured too, so they send Barbara instead, who arrives dressed in all black with her utility belt on her waist. As soon as she put on her mask and made herself unrecognizable to the Hulk as Batgirl, he dropped Bruce and ran away scared.

Batgirl then ran outside to find all the other students and teachers attending the party, and she tells them that they must all go to the Batcave.

As Batman and Robin are in the Batcave, Batgirl sends them a message saying that she is at the school now and that she is waiting for them. Batman and Robin respond by saying they will go to the school as soon as possible.

Next, Batgirl decided to help the police officers save the day. Robin was out on patrol with Batman when he saw a police officer being attacked by a thug. Robin quickly ran over to the scene to help. He knocked the thug off of the officer and then helped him up.

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