The Wizardry Of Magic Command

October 18, 2021

Our magic command reads: Pass your request as a command and let AI do the work for you magically. Get emails, ads, posts, blogs, and more written in no time!

Though probably this much doesn’t really suffice to make our Rytrs keep going and they often come up with questions like:

What is the magic command?

How can one get the most out of it?

How do I use it?

What makes it different from other use cases?

The above questions are not uncommon to us and probably would send our Rytrs in deep thoughts too. Honestly, only a miracle can help us (yes, both you and we) in finding out the prowesses of this mighty command. Anyway, as CROs (Chief Ryting Officers, we really like the sound of it) we took a little opportunity to play around and the results were nothing less than fascinating.

The Hits


We don’t mean to reiterate but the magic of magic command lies in its hit or miss. Having said that, let’s find out some examples that exceeded our own expectations.

Twilight Fanboys, Can You See Us?

We decided to start with a super fun one – how would Bella address Edward on their fifth anniversary? A little gore treat would suffice, but just in case.

Your Secret Search Engine

We tried to give a very random command about games and the output sent us right in the mood to play. Don’t you just love when it happens? Brb gathering our team to play.

Caution: Heavy Ryting Going Ahead

Forthcoming emergencies don’t leave us with a lot of time to pen them down, do they?

A Fable By Yours Truly

Nothing can beat our story writing use case but something about casting a magic spell to it felt right.

Cheers To The New Beginnings

Are wedding preparations taking too much of your time? Well, allow us to lend a helping hand while you hold one of your significant other’s.

The Misses


Do you remember the time (or you might be living it right now) when we used to get an A and our parents wouldn’t accept anything less than an A+ the next time? Well, we don’t wanna put that kind of pressure on our ever-humble AI but here are some snippets from our playtime where THE best output got missed by a whisker.

Never The Time For Goodbyes

Some goodbyes can be super tough (especially the ones from our alma mater), and well, it seems like our AI choked up too on all the emotions and fond memories (that it could never live through). However, we can totally imagine ourselves giving this generic speech and later bawling our eyes out in front of our friends.

A Magical Recipe, Are You Kidding Me?

We’re pretty sure that if Rytr bot was a person, we would have met with a pretty grave session of eye rolls. Can’t really blame the AI for this one, what were we even thinking ._.

Facts Vs Reality

Raise your hands if you too have been a victim of cloth-washing failure. Lesson to learn: do not trust care labels. I repeat- do not ALWAYS trust care labels.

PS: always get your expensive silk dry cleaned if you have the option.

Handy Hacks To Make Magic Command Boom:


  • Provide AS MUCH input as you can (within the limits, of course).
  • Vague inputs would hardly work, so ensure your entered prompt has a nice flow.
  • Avoiding incomplete/gibberish content could be in your hands. Check out how.
  • If you want AI to spit out anything around factual data, don’t forget to mention the same in the input (if you’re not providing anything of that sort then ensure that you’re manually double-checking the results)
  • Try to opt for magic command mostly when there are no alternative use cases aligning with your requirements.



It would be safe to say that with every passing day, technological advancements are touching new heights. With Rytr, we aim to provide you with a rather tempting piece of the same and would love to see you make the most of it. While there may be (numerous) times that the AI might leave us spellbound, we will duly have to acknowledge its limitations and how to go around them. Once that’s in place, there would be absolutely (or almost) no hindrance for our Ryting ninjas.

Oh, by the way, do let us know of your AI fails or the results that made you chuckle at