Stories of Solace- Love & Other Habits

December 9, 2021

Love & Other Habits


The sun was finally setting on the horizon, the day’s warmth disappearing with the light. Susan stared at the scenery for a few minutes, not ready to come back inside. She was waiting. Waiting for the phone call. Susan knew it was coming, but she didn’t know when. It could be minutes away or hours, but she knew it would come. In the distance, a crow cawed and flew to a nearby branch.

Susan watched as it perched on the branch and continued to caw and caw. “Shoo,” she said, and raised her hand up in the air. Just then, a large black shape appeared in the sky, and the crow flew away. She sighed and looked back at her telephone, which had been pushed up against the wall.

Susan had always been a private person. She had always kept her life to herself. But since she married her husband, she had grown even more so. To the point where she couldn’t even confide in him. She would find solace in the solitude of her home.

The comfort of her bed. The solitude of her thoughts. This was one of those days when she just needed to be by herself. The phone rang.

“Hello?” Susan said into the phone, turning away from the sunset. It was Steve, her husband.

“I’m sorry,” Steve finally whispered.

Susan shook her head, “Don’t be sorry. You didn’t do anything.”

“No, not for what I did. For what I said.” His eyes were filled with tears.

“And I’m sorry about the hair thing.”

Silence. Then a sound of relief. Susan replied “It’s ok. I talked to your sister. She explained to me that you sometimes disappear for a day, just to recharge. Ever since you were a teenager you would spend a day in the woods every three to four weeks.

I get it. And I love you.”

“You’re such a pretty lady,” he said.

Susan felt the comfort of the moment. She felt the solace of the life with Steve she had led up to this point. Susan felt the comfort of the love she had found in her life.

She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for her husband. After a few minutes, she lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply. She was about to take another drag when she felt an arm wrap around her from behind. “Love, how many times do I have to tell you to quit?” He said as he gently removed the cigarette from her mouth.

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