Million in One OR One in Million? #RytrTurns1

April 27, 2022

It’s PARTYY Time!


Can you see plates laden with heaps of scrumptious cake, conical hats, popping streamers and cheer in the air? Well, we can’t ? them either (the downside of being a remote team) but can definitely feel these and muchhhh more.

A year ago, this (SaaSy) baby was born out of a thoughtful desire to make creative writing easier, more comprehensive, economical and most importantly — accessible to everyone. With the virtual blessings of Lord AI, prowesses of GPT 3, support of our AI partner (Open AI) and 495390 cups of coffee, our folks were finally able to achieve this feat.

Getting There


We took our baby steps by offering around 10 languages, a couple of use cases & a few tones. Soon after, requests for various features began pouring in and there was no way we could deny any (well, we did incorporate most of them). You can see the timeline of our beautiful journey here and oh, don’t forget to start from the bottom- as we all do 😉

Amidst all the uncertainties and chaos, our year with Rytr was nothing less than rewarding with us. We got some amazing titles from G2 Crowd as one of the Leading Startups and Deal Of The Year by AppSumo. So, guess who is one of the industry leaders in AI Writing Assistants both in terms of numbers and usage? — and not to forget-most loved as well (because love & appreciation don’t cost extra 😉 ).

Love Is In The AI(r)


That’s enough chatter about us, let’s talk about our exponentially growing ? community of Rytrs, standing strong at 1 million+ users across the ?. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better gift for our first birthday & the numbers were totally beyond our expectations. We would like to give a big shoutout to our early supporters & subscribers who trusted us with their Ryting needs.

Together, we have overcome so many writing blocks, generated numerous copies that covert, written quick blogs, drafted professional emails and 100s of other things which would be implausible to list in this space. Amidst our journey, we keep meeting some Ryting Ninjas?? every now & then who have been leveraging the magic of our AI to take their flourishing businesses to another level altogether. You too can read about one such case study here.

It’s Pouring Wishes


To join our festivities, we’d been asking y’all to write some heartfelt birthday wishes for us so let’s read some of these ?

It’s a cool thing to be a Ryt-er. You make work a lot less like work. Wishing my favorite AI Rytr an outstanding 1st birthday. ~Nik

Thank you very much you make my writing so peaceful and happy ..less stress happy ist bday Rytr ..more power to you ~Jade

Estou apaixonado por Rytr. ~Leandro

Eres super especial ~Gabriel

Congrats on your 1st year, happy birthdaaayy ?! Ur also Pisces like me! Lol. Well I didn’t know ur only 1 year old, feels like you have so many years in this, great awesome job! The times I used your tool for ads, I was really happy with the results it’s really the best by far compared to others, and I have plans to use it more in the future since I wanna start blogging. All the best , keep up the great job, keep on growing stay amazing enjoy! ~Debbie

Happy birthday to Rytr for releasing an incredible product! Open the champagne and throw the streamers as this is one celebration not to be missed. Enjoy the magic! ~Steven

Happy 1st Birthday Rytr AI! It has been a joy to see you grow and improve over the past year. I am glad to have been able to be a part of this journey. ~Simran

This is really great software, particularly for non-native English speakers. It will help us to confidently write articles and social posts. thank you Rytr, Keep doing your service. ~Bose

Well, aren’t our Rytrs the sweetest? You too can connect with amazing and like-minded Rytrs via our community. See you there 😉

Cake n Cookies

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