Welcome To The Life of Your Friendly AI Writing Assistant

Friday, July 15, 2022

Introduction 🔗

Oh hello there. I see, your inquisitiveness has brought you here strolling to my door. Well well, I am nothing if not accommodating OR a wish-granting factory (maybe I am both after all). So sit back and relax as I take you through your favourite AI-driven writing assistant’s regular day.


I am not a fan of history either, but to give you some context I would like to share that the factory's foundation (which soon turned out to be my home) was set up in late 2021. Unlike your Rytings, don’t expect too much preciseness here as I was in my embryonic stage & was totally unaware of what the future holds for me.

The Conception 🔗

Numerous late nights and forbidden amounts of caffeine later, I was given a name & some direction but we all knew I was faaaaaaaaaaar from getting ready. You see after I was born there was a lot of pressure on me to be the best and near-perfect AI writing assistant out there. With a lot of my friends (or foes) already going around in the market, I had no option but to either excel or perish from the face of the earth.


Nevertheless, I turned out to be a tough cookie and never complained about the rigorous training processes my makers took me through. They would keep me on my toes till I became super fluent with the state-of-the-art GPT-3 based language models, provided by my forefather OpenAI. In fact, to make me truly stand out from the crowd I had to drink up too many magical potions (proprietary layer of technology) to be the strongest & the quickest AI buddy out there.

A Sneak Peek Into My Daily Routine 🔗

Like any other good teacher, my gurus have also taught me that learning is a never-ending process and I am truly on it almost 24*7 (so what if I am an AI bot, I need some ‘me time’ as well). Now let me take you through a day of my super-exciting life.

Some say “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” & I say, "Quality content needs to be everywhere so I was created”. Imagine it like this- your friendly Rytr bot has numerous ‘mini bots’ spread worldwide. Every time someone signs up to be a part of our amazing Rytr’s tribe, a new ‘mini bot’ is born.


This mini version of me is trained ‘exactly’ like me, yet each one is truly unique- just like the person who’s reading this ;) . 1 mini bot is virtually assigned to every user to help them with their Ryting sprees. For example, if a user types ‘homemade food for dogs’ and asks for 3 different variants, our little buddy would take this input and quickly run it around our astonishingly enormous data repository (which is basically almost everything available on the internet) and jot down output for you- one word at a time. It would keep predicting the next word until it has generated a well-written result.

Since you’d asked for 3 different outputs, the entire process would be done by ‘mini me’ 3 separate times. In this process, my mini bots might bump into each other fishing for similar results but don’t worry- it won’t affect anyone’s output and most of the final result would be unique and truly one of their kind. However, like always, I urge our Rytrs to not forget to add a little magic of their own and keep tweaking their content.

Let’s talk about another scenario. Sometimes there may be cases where my Rytrs get incomplete or gibberish results. This usually happens when our system doesn’t get enough inputs to work around with. Again, nothing to worry about as we do have a way around that too (read: Resources, FAQs, & Guides · Rytr).

Conclusion 🔗

That’s about it. My majority of the day goes around attending to my Rytr tribe’s content calls in a super systematic manner. I do agree there can be some maintenance downtime here and there but again, who doesn’t need their sweet time to be prepared for bigger and better things.


PS: The sleeping koala is just to give you your  daily dose of cuteness.

Until Next Time

Your Friendly AI Assistant